Temple Family Raises Over $6,000 for New Dialysis Chair

Front: Herbert Temple; Back(l-r): Taylor Temple, Lulu Temple and Harmonie Delisle.

A huge thanks to the Temple family and friends for pledging just over $6,000 for the Health Care Foundation’s Dialysis Dash. With the support of their two granddaughters, Taylor Temple and Harmonie Delisle, Herbert and Lulu Temple have been able to purchase a new chair for the St. Clare’s Dialysis unit.

Herbert was diagnosed with kidney failure a few years ago after living with a heart condition for nearly 50 years. He recently started hemodialysis and since his treatment began he has noticed a huge improvement in his health and energy levels. Although Herbert spends approximately four hours a day, three days a week receiving dialysis, he wanted to raise funds to purchase the chair for nurses. These new chairs not only increase patient comfort, they are also designed to maneuver into various positions, similar to an electric bed, preventing occupational injuries for nurses. According to Herbert, the nurses are very caring and kind and make treatment very comfortable for him, so he wanted to help them out as well. Kudos to Herbert and the Temple family for this significant contribution that will benefit staff and patients alike!