Lawton’s Home HealthCare donates $2,460 to Comfort in Care™ Funds for St. Clare's Mercy Hospital

(l-r) Jacqueline Brockerville, Division Manager, 7 East, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital; Travis Gunn, Director, Lawton’s Home HealthCare Manager; Charmaine Lane, Division Manager, 7 West, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital; Kelly Scaplen, Division Manager, 4 West, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital; Paul Byrne, MedSurg Solution Inc.; Leslie Smith, Development Officer, Health Care Foundation; Rhonda Webber, Clinical Educator, Medicine Program, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital. 

Lawton’s Home HealthCare donated $2,460 to Comfort in Care™ Funds for three medicine units at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital – 7 West, 7 East and 4 West. The funds were raised through Healthy Leg Day events held earlier in 2015. Healthy Leg Days are held regularly throughout the adult hospitals in St. John’s. The purpose of the initiative is to provide education to health care professionals on the science and importance of medical compression stockings. Employees are then provided with the opportunity to order the medical leg wear onsite and a portion of the funds raised go directly into their unit to purchase a Comfort in Care™ item.