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April 20, 2015


Foundation Celebrates 10 Years of Comfort in Care™ Program

Grants $150,000 to Enhance Patient Comfort and Care

St. John’s, NL - The Health Care Foundation (HCF) held a ceremony today to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of its Comfort in Care™ program and present over $150,000 in funding to enhance patient comfort, care and well-being. 

“For ten years now, the foundation has strived to enhance our patients’ hospital experiences by investing in their comfort, care and well-being,” said Debbie Patten, Chair of the Health Care Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Through our Comfort in Care™ Program, we have proudly supported Eastern Health employees who share our passion to provide patients with quality, comfortable care.”

At the ceremony, $100,000 in funding was provided to Eastern Health for the purchase of comfortable chairs to be placed at the bedside of 175 patients.  A total of 45 grants, valued at $50,000, were also awarded to frontline employees for the purchase of patient comfort items. A complete list of the 45 grant recipients can be found below. 

“As a result of these grants, our employees are able to offer an extra level of compassion and comfort to those we serve, thereby enhancing the overall patient experience at our facilities,” said David Diamond, President and CEO of Eastern Health. “On behalf of Eastern Health, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Health Care Foundation and its donors for enhancing the care and comfort of our patients and clients through the Comfort in Care™ Program.” 

Funding for the 2015 Comfort in Care™ grants has been provided by Johnson Insurance and the Gary Rowe Memorial Comfort in Care Fund. Donations are also received from individual donors who give to the Health Care Foundation’s Comfort In Care™ program.

For more information about Comfort in Care™ or giving to the Health Care Foundation, please visit: 

About the Health Care Foundation

The Health Care Foundation is committed to raising and stewarding funds for the advancement and enhancement of patient comfort and care, medical equipment, research and education at five Eastern Health adult hospitals serving the St. John’s region: St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre, Waterford Hospital and the Dr. Walter Templeman Health Centre.  Through its fundraising initiatives, the Health Care Foundation assists these hospitals in providing health care for the St. John’s region and specialized tertiary health services for the entire province.

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Comfort and Care™2015 Grant Recipients

The following individuals have been awarded over $50,000 collectively in grant funding:

1. Airdrie Miller, Geriatric Psychiatry Day Hospital,  Dr. L A Miller Centre – activities and games

2. Amy Fowler, 4 North A – Medicine, Health Sciences Centre – wheelchair

3. Amy Fowler/Danielle Kearley, 4 North A – Medicine, Health Sciences Centre – professional hair clippers

4. Anne Mack, Centre for Pain and Disability, Dr. L A Miller Centre – television and art murals

5. April Drake and Kailee Phillips, Neurology/Medicine, Health Sciences Centre - foot stools

6. April Drake, Neurology, Health Sciences Centre – electric high/low treatment table 

7. Cathy Walsh, 5 East - Vascular Surgery, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – hair washing trough

8. Charlene Edwards, North 2A, Waterford Hospital – iPad and case

9. Darryl Cooze, 5 South A – Cardiology, Health Sciences Centre – donated commode

10. Debbie Kavanagh, 4 East - Head and Neck Surgery, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – equipment for broda chair and prints for rooms

11. Dr. Afshan Afsahi, Medicine, Surgery and Cardiology, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – recliner chair

12. Elise Murphy Dowden, Rehab Day Services, Dr. L A Miller Centre – iPad with cover and a Bellman Max Personal Hearing Support Device

13. Glenda Webber, 3 West - START Clinic, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – wall prints

14. Janet Brown/Denise Murphy, Neurology Clinic, Health Sciences Centre – height adjustable examination table

15. Janice Brown, 4 South B - Medicine, Health Sciences Centre –  wall clocks

16. Jennifer Burt, Rheumatology, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – waiting room chairs (one bariatric)

17. Jill Sevious, Ambulatory Care, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – wall mounted monitor with software and hardware

18. Jodi O'Brien, Support Services , Palliative Care, Dr. Walter Templeman Health Care Centre – sleeper chair

19. Jodi O'Brien, Support Services, Palliative Care, Dr. Walter Templeman Health Care Centre –  television, mount 

20. Joseph Kearsey, 2 South - Adult Rehab, Dr. L A Miller Centre – televisions and wall mounts

21. Joyce Bartlett, Rheumatology, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – hip high chairs

22. Judy Duff, 4 North B, Waterford Hospital – iPad, security cable and case and recreational supplies

23. Karen Penwell and Catherine Smith, Physiotherapy Gym, Dr. L A Miller Centre – Nintendo Wii with games, Wii fit with balance board, television and mount

24. Karla Hartery, Psychiatry Unit, Health Sciences Centre – wheelchair and cushion

25. Kathy Peddle, Critical Care Unit, Health Sciences Centre – over the bed tables

26. Kelly Scaplen, 4 West, Palliative Care, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital –  blanket warmer

27. Kim Meadus, Emergency Department, Health Sciences Centre – Health O Meter Digital Scale and wheelchair

28. Kim Smith, West 2A, Waterford Hospital – recreation activities

29. Leona Lundrigan, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Health Sciences Centre – over the bed tables

30. Lillian McGrath, 4 South B, Palliative Care, Health Sciences Centre – sleeper chair

31. Lisa Hutchings, Rehabilitation Day Services, Dr. L A Miller Centre – back supports for wheelchairs

32. Lois Chafe, Occupational Therapy - Medicine, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – high profile Roho wheelchair cushion and concept recline wheelchair with elite back

33. Lori Manuel, Critical Care, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital –  donated commode

34. Mallory Peacock, 4 South A - Medicine, Health Sciences Centre – bariatric broda chair

35. Mallory Peacock, 4 South A - Medicine, Health Sciences Centre – shower chair-commode with tilt and back support

36. Mary Rogers, Rehab Day Services, Dr. L A Miller Centre – bariatric low back arm chair

37. Maureen Moores, Psychiatric Assessment Unit, Waterford Hospital – geri chair and basic commode

38. Meagan Young, East 2A, Waterford Hospital – iPad and case

39. Michelle Walsh, 7 West - Stroke, Palliative Care,  St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – sleeper chair

40. Nicole Rowe and Tara Rose, 6 West, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital – shower chair and commodes

41. Nola Noseworthy, Medical Surgical ICU, Health Sciences Centre – over the bed tables

42. Ryan Johnston, 5 South B-Neurosurgery, Health Sciences Centre – broda chair

43. Sylviane Andrews, Rehabilitation Technology Division, Dr. L A Miller Centre – roho dry floatation overlay 

44. Terrilynn Critch, Therapeutic Recreation, Waterford Hospital – utility cart, television, Xbox and games. 

45. Tina Kelly, East 3A, Waterford Hospital – ice machine