What is the Peaceful Ports Project?

Peaceful Ports is a project of the Health Care Foundation that aims to to provide more soothing and comforting spaces for patients, residents, clients and their families within our hospitals. 

When you visit the hospital, your surroundings can have a major impact on your well-being and mental health. Just imagine wanting to stay close to a loved one when they are critically ill. Having a soothing, comfortable place to recoup, regroup and maybe even sleep is so important. It reduces stress for the family and for the patient who wants their family members to be comfortable. 

Providing quality care is about more than having the best possible equipment and health care team – it’s also about providing an environment that is supportive and promotes healing for both patients and their loved ones.


What features are included in the new spaces?

These new spaces will have a number of features that are important to patients and families, including:

  • Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind – from the titled walls and non-florescent lighting to the fireplaces, greenery and art work on the walls. 
  • New televisions to break up the wait or provide a wanted distraction for families. 
  • Access to wifi in all of the spaces. 
  • Comfortable seating that has infection prevention and control at the forefront.

How many spaces will be redeveloped?

With the help of our donors, our goal is to redesign and redevelop over 113 hospital spaces, including waiting rooms, quiet rooms and family rooms at the Health Sciences Centre, St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, Waterford Hospital, Dr. L. A. Miller Centre and the Dr. Walter Templeman Health Care Centre on Bell Island.


 To learn more about Peaceful Ports please call the Health Care Foundation’s office at 709.777.5901.