Supporting Seniors and Long-Term Care Residents

The Health Care Foundation is pleased to provide fundraising support to long-term care services and programs. Seniors and long-term care residents are not just looking for quality health care, but also a place they feel proud to call home.

Our Facilities

Together with our donors, we are supporting innovative, compassionate and comfortable care to the over 500 residents currently living at Pleasant View Towers and the Caribou Veteran’s Pavilion

Pleasant View Towers 
Caribou Memorial Veterans Pavilion

Joyful Listening Program 

A song has the power to bring us back to a time, a place, an emotion. It can ignite vibrant memories – even for those who are coping with dementia or other cognitive challenges. This is what the Joyful Listening program is all about.

Joyful Listening is a therapeutic program that brings music into the lives of seniors and other long-term care residents through the use of iPods with personalized playlists. The program is based on the fact that human brains are hard-wired to connect music with long-term memory. Music that is tailored to personal histories and favourite styles can trigger well-preserved memories, enabling the listener to reconnect with the world.

The benefits of this form of therapeutic music intervention have been undeniable. For long-term care residents, it can improve mood, enhance verbal communication and physical activity. It also elicits feelings of wellbeing and decreases agitation, anxiety, depression, pain and boredom.

We now want to spread the joy by expanding the program, but we need your help to do this!

With your support, we can give the gift of music and memories to even more individuals living with dementia and other illnesses. A donation to the Music & Memory Program will allow us to purchase much needed iPods, iTunes gifts care, headphones, speakers and other needs that are crucial to maintaining and expanding the program.