The Health Care Foundation is thrilled to partner with its donors and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to introduce a new state-of-the-art 3 T MRI machine at the Health Sciences Centre.

This is an incredible enhancement to our current fleet of diagnostic equipment. Technology is always changing and improving and we are proud that we will now have access to the best 3 T model available on the market!


What is a 3 T MRI?

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of your body.

The beauty of an MRI is that it does not use radiation. These scans can help provide clarification of other diagnostic studies and guide management and diagnosis for many illnesses, such as cancers, neurological conditions, musculoskeletal and cardiac conditions.

The unit of measurement used to quantify the strength of a magnetic field in an MRI machine is called a Tesla (T). Currently, our standard MRI scanner uses a 1.5 T magnet. The new 3 T will operate at twice the normal strength, generating the higher quality images in less time.

The benefits of having this machine are numerous for both patients and health care professionals, including:

  • It’s extremely efficient - this scanner can generate high quality images very quickly, allowing shorter examination times. This means we can scan more patients and improve access to this service.
  • Enhanced Comfort for Patients - Patients will be able to listen to music during the exam, which will help create a distraction and reduce anxiety.
  • Recruitment and retention - Having superior equipment will help with the recruitment and retention of physicians and health care professionals.
  • Ultra-high definition imaging - If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 3 T MRI is an encyclopedia.

What are the Clinical Benefits?

The new 3 T MRI will have incredible clinical benefits, which will ultimately help improve outcomes and comfort for patients. For example:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Our province has a high incidence of MS, so early detection is crucial. This 3 T magnet will help us see small plaques in the brain, which can result in earlier diagnosis and treatment.
  • Brain cancer - This new equipment will help us to see abnormal tissue in the brain in greater detail, providing neurosurgeons with the map they need to remove cancerous tissue with great precision.
  • Aneurysm - The new scanner will help us quickly search for aneurysms in the brain without having to inject dye into patients.
  • Prostate Cancer - This machine will greatly advance diagnosis for pelvic cancers. The high definition images will give exceptional images of gland without having to use an endorectal coil, which will also improve patient comfort.

Thank You to Our Donors

I want to thank our donors who support our vision of innovation in health care. Together, we can ensure that our people have access to the best equipment and care here at home. The 3 T MRI project would not be possible without the support of our following partners:






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