Grants, Research and Education

Comfort in Care™

Through the  Comfort in Care™ program, health care workers can apply to access a general fund that will help staff provide comfort items that will benefit the patients they serve. Comfort in Care™ provides patients and their families with items that will help enhance their care experience, but are not always available through traditional resources. Examples of items funded through this program include sleeper chairs, blanket warmers, wheelchairs, televisions and more!


Eastern Health Employee Education Scholarships

Each year, the Health Care Foundation in partnership with Eastern Health has provided $10,000 in scholarships to employees of the five adult hospitals in the St. John’s region and their dependents  for the pursuit of higher education. The scholarships are awarded to five individuals annually at $2,000 each. Recipients are chosen based on review of their academic performance, community involvement or extra-curricular activities, professional resume, references and overall presentation of their application. These scholarships are meant to not only provide financial assistance to hard working employees of Eastern Health but to also show support to employees who decide to advance their personal and professional growth. 

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Eastern Health Research Grants

Research is a fundamental component of the success of Eastern Health. The benefits derived from the Health Care Foundation’s commitment to research grants have led to important medical investigations and findings. The Health Care Foundation contributes $50,000 annually to support and encourage research in health care. The proposals that are funded include either clinical research or research related to the organizational and administrative aspects of health care. Adult-based research will receive priority in decisions for funding available from the Health Care Foundation. It is mandatory that all projects administered through Eastern Health pass a review process. All projects to be considered must be approved by the Health Research Ethics Board and the Research Proposal Approval Committee (RPAC). All projects are reviewed by the appropriate Program Clinical Chair or Director before receiving final approval from RPAC. 

Memo: Call for Proposals 2019 - DEADLINE EXTENDED to November 30!

Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) Grants

The Health Care Foundation provides funding for grants in nursing skills and education. Over the last number of years, these grants have made a direct impact on the number of nurses within Eastern Health who have received specialized training and professional certification or recertification. 

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