Employee Giving

The Health Care Foundation can help Eastern Health employees initiate an automatic payroll deduction or increase an existing deduction so as we can help meet the ever increasing demands being placed on our hospitals. As staff, you can lead the way as others in a variety of professions and industries are also asked to make a pledge in supporting the future of our health care. Your contribution sends a message that we are worthy of financial support.

The aggregate impact of employee giving is significant.  If every Eastern Health employee gave $1 per pay period, more than $335, 000 would be raised annually.The size of the gift is not important; it is the gift itself that matters. To join the Employee Giving program please fill out the enrollment form and send it back to the HCF via fax at 777-5903 or email Gennette at gennette.martin@healthcarefoundation.ca. 


Our Mission

The Health Care Foundation raises funds and develops strong and sustaining philanthropic relationships to support the highest level of adult health care through the funding of vital medical equipment, research, education and the provision of items that impact patient comfort and care.


Contact Us

The Health Care Foundation

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