Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Health Care Foundation?

was established in 2002 when the General Hospital Foundation, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Foundation and the Waterford Foundation were brought together to form one foundation in support of the adult hospitals and health facilities of St. John’s. We are a registered non-profit organization governed by a volunteer-led board of directors.

The HCF is a philanthropic partner to Eastern Health that supports five adult hospitals serving the St. John’s region, including: 

These hospitals provide specialized health care to thousands of residents throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.  

2. Where is the HCF located?

The Health Care Foundation is located at Suite 103 - 71 Goldstone Street, St. John's. We may be reached by telephone: 709.777.5901 or toll-free: 1.877.737.0228; or by email:

3. Why does the HCF raise money for our hospitals, shouldn't government pay for this?

While the provincial government reimburses hospitals for their services to patients and covers much of the operating costs, funding is limited for equipment acquisition and upgrades. In the coming years, the hospitals in St. John's will require millions in funding for medical equipment and technology. This is not a wish list of equipment, rather it represents existing equipment that will have reached the end of its expected lifespan within five years. Government funding will not be enough to cover the cost, so our hospitals depend on the funds they receive from the Health Care Foundation to help bridge the gap in funding.

4. Does the HCF participate in door-to-door or telephone canvassing?

No. The HCF does not go door-to-door canvassing for funds, nor do we solicit by telephone. If an individual comes to your door or telephones you claiming to raise funds on our behalf, it is fraud. Please notify us and the authorities as soon as possible. The types of donor contact you will see from us include mail appeals, lottery ticket sales and special event invites.

5. Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. All donations to the Health Care Foundation of $10 or more will receive an official tax receipt. If you have any questions regarding your donation receipt, please call us at 709.777.5901.

6. What is the Health Care Foundation's Charitable Registration Number?

BN 85699 2334 RR001


Our Mission

The Health Care Foundation raises funds and develops strong and sustaining philanthropic relationships to support the highest level of adult health care through the funding of vital medical equipment, research, education and the provision of items that impact patient comfort and care.


Contact Us

The Health Care Foundation

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