Comfort in Care

The Health Care Foundation is passionate about bringing comfort to each and every one of the patients and residents, which is why we introduced the Comfort in Care™ program. Comfort in Care™ provides patients and their families with items that will help enhance their care experience, but are not always available through traditional resources. Examples of items funded through this program include sleeper chairs, blanket warmers, wheelchairs, televisions and more! These items may be small in nature, but they make a big impact on the comfort of patients and their families who are visiting the hospital. 

In addition to the patient’s benefit, Comfort in Care™ also benefits health care professionals, as they are able to not only provide the best possible care, but can also ensure patients have the items they need to be comfortable during their stay. Through the  Comfort in Care™ program, health care workers can apply for grant funding to ensure their patients have the little things that make their care whole. For more information, or to apply for Comfort in Care™ grant funding, please visit the ‘For Health Care Staff’ section.

Additionally, donors may wish to work with the Foundation to direct Comfort in Care™ donations to a specific hospital unit or program.


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